Product code: 27


Product Description

  • Unmatched ease of use.
  • Modular hardware plug & play.
  • Irrigation according to Radiation Sum, time, and external conditions.
  • EC precontrol for drainage and fresh water pre mixing.
  • Drainage measurement.
  • Advanced EC/pH control.
  • Supports pH treatment during quantitative fertigation.
  • Surge suppression on 115/230VAC power  1 internal, 1 optional external.
  • Surge protection on inputs and outputs  yes.
  • Dual power CPU  115/230VAC or 12VDC.
  • Outputs  24VAC  up to 64 (in modules of 8) and Outputs  DC Latch (pulse)  up to 256 (via single cable).
  • Inputs  digital/pulse  up to 16 (in modules of 8) and Inputs  analogue  up to 22 (in modules of 11).
  • Communication  up to 50 controllers in a network.
  • PC links options  wire, telephone, cellular or radio.
  • Irrigation program  up to 15.
  • Irrigation triggers  Radiation Sum, time and external conditions.
  • Number of valves per irrigation program  up to 40, sequentially or grouped.
  • Dosing program  up to 10.
  • Dosing method  Time and Quantity (bulk or spread), Ratio (1/1000) and EC/pH.
  • Independent dosing method per channel  Passive, EC, Acid or Alkali.
  • Dual EC/pH measurement  verifying sensor readings to increase reliability.
  • EC Precontrol  fresh & drain water premixing.
  • Drain measurement  up to 8 drain meters.
  • Filter flushing  up to 24 filters with main filter valve.
  • Cooling/Humidity program  5 dynamic programs according to temperature & humidity.

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