• Khang Thinh together with clients, offer famous brand and high quality agricultural products for Vietnam market; 
  • Khang Thinh continuous development and intensive investment to become a leading provider of NETAFIM irrigation technology, the production equipment of modern agriculture, NETAFIM greenhouse, water-saving drip irrigation equipment, fertilizer application equipment to control dosing plant nutrient efficiency, medication safety and plant protection, seeds and modern farming techniques. 

  • Support customer with high-tech Greenhouse farming practices,  irrigation technical systems in order to save labor, fertilizers, irrigation, production costs, minimize the use plant protection products as well as improve productivity and product quality.
  • Providing adequate nutrition needs for the plant to absorb, improve the efficiency of fertiliser use to the soil and reduce water pollution. Saving and efficient use of water so as to reduce the risk of water shortages in agriculture and increased planted acreage and yield in areas of limited water resources.

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