PNJ CNL Driper

Product code: 09

Flow : 2; 4; 8; 12; 20; 30 l/h.

Product Description

  • Greenhouses, nurseries, citrus, orchards, deciduous and trees irrigation.
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth assures wide water passages, large deep and wide cross section improves clogging resistance.
  • PC system, patented pressure differential system maintains uniform flow rate at different inlet working pressure (in the recommended working pressure range), ensuring exact distribution of the water and nutrients.
  • Continuous selfflushing system, improves resistance to clogging.
  • Dripper can be positioned exactly where required.
  • Number of drippers can be increased so as to increase water quantity supply aimed at meeting tree growth rate requirement.
  • Allows the installation of "spider assembly", splitting the drip supply to a number of drip outlets.
  • PCJ LCNL with Antidrain system for efficient pulse irrigation , prevents water drainage and eliminates needs for refill.
  • Working pressure range: 0.7 to 4.0 bar
  • TurboNet™ labyrinth with large water passages.
  • 6 different flow rates.
  • 3 different outlets: nipple, barb to 3 mm ID and barb to 4 mm ID.
  • To be “inserted" into thick walled pipes (0.9, 1.0 and 1.2 mm.).
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.
  • Injected silicon diaphragm.
  • PCJ LCNL, On line dripper meet ISO 9261 standards and production is certified by the Israel Standards Institute (SII)

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