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Optimizing greenhouse solutions to suit any climate or crop.

About us

Khang Thinh company is the exclusive distributor of Netafim irrigation equipment and its greenhouse in Vietnam.

Human Resources

Team leaders officers and employees of companies were qualified, experienced professional and dynamic personnels. Technical team of experts regularly NETAFIM advanced training, testing and practice in foreign countries willing to meet the requirements of customers.

Customer Support Services

Khang Thinh conduct the field survey, design consultancy automatic irrigation systems, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation for free to customers, not limited to the field area for services provided. Khang Thinh conduct the survey, consultancy, project planning Greenhouse Free tech clients are planning to invest Greenhouse, the net use of NETAFIM irrigation equipment. Khang Thinh ready to provide support services on free agronomic practices for customers who are using the device of Netafim irrigation and greenhouses.

Warranty and Aftersales

Technical staff of Khang Thinh will guide customers to use and maintain equipment in accordance with the technical procedures, help prolong equipment use. Khang Thinh warranty of 12 months for all the equipments of irrigation systems, in addition to specialized technical equipment such as drip wire, filtration equipment, control equipment ... will be more than 12 months warranty suit with warranty of Netafim. Khang Thinh advice and timely provision of technical services within 24 hours after receipt of the request of the customer for every product of Netafim.

The support of the Company Netafim

Netafim offers package from design, equipment supply, installation manual, use and greenhouse irrigation equipment, technology transfer cultivation in greenhouses and outside fields. Netafim can provide research services and technology transfer cultivation suit climatic conditions and soil in each specific area.

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